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Head of Department

P. Hoohou Ramzi


Turkia Achour Secretariat   

Section Creation

The Vocational Professions Section of the University of Mohammed Khader Biskra was established during the 2002/2003 academic year in accordance with the laws in force in accordance with Decree No. 91/04 of January 1991 regulating the legal profession.

And has been presided over by three professors since its inception, respectively:

Dr. Abdel Raouf Dababeche. - Dr: Djaloul Chitour. Dr. Houhou Ramzi

And the efforts of many parties and their cooperation, especially the University of Mohammed Khiedr Biskra in its head, provided by the administrative apparatus and teachers and pedagogic structures, in addition to the efforts made by the Bar Association lawyers Batna contribution to professors in the field without forgetting the judiciary and the Department of Professional competence of the most important Faculty of Law and Political Science

Management of the department:

Pursuant to Executive Decree No. 91-222 of 14 June 1991, which includes the organization of training in order to obtain a certificate of competence in the profession of law, and in its second article, which provides for the formation of the Committee on the conduct of the professional competence department of the law, which consists of:

- Four permanent professors from the Law Department.

- Two judges holding the rank of head of a chamber appointed by the President of the Judicial Council.

- Two lawyers who have been practicing as such for 10 years.

This committee ensures the proper functioning of the training program, ensuring the performance of pedagogic performance and providing all possibilities for educational attainment

Montada Montada


Periodical issued by the Department of professional competence of the law firm of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Rights and Freedoms Journal  Rights and Freedoms Journal
Rights and Freedoms Journal

Rights and Freedoms Journal

The Journal of Rights and Freedoms is a Bi-annual international scientific journal published by the Laboratory of Rights and Freedoms in Comparative Systems at the University of Biskra,Algeria twice during the month of October and the month of April
El-Mofaker-journal El-Mofaker-journal


Al-Mafakir is a semi-annual international scientific academic journal issued by the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Biskra
Jurisprudence-journal Jurisprudence-journal


The Jurisprudence review published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, Biskra -University, Algeria, The journal is a Bi-annual international journal, in two issues (September and March),
Naked-journal Naked-journal


Journal of International Journalism, published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, University of Biskra,  specialized in the field of political science and international relations in various branches of research such as comparative political systems, issues of democratic transformation, governance, development studies, thought studies Political

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Fax: 033-50-12-28
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