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The origin of the college

The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences was established by Decree No. 98-219 of July 7, 1998, establishing the University of Biskra. The decree was amended by Executive Decree No. 04- 255 dated 29 August 2004, where the Faculty of Law was separated from the Faculty of Economics. Political Science, and includes two sections: the Department of Law, and the Department of Political Science and International Relations.

Mission of the College: Providing legal and political education that entitles students to obtain a bachelor's degree in law and political science to carry out the legal and political works available in the country and follow up the achievement of postgraduate studies in both fields.

Objectives of the College:

1. Building and developing a solid scientific and knowledge base in the fields of law, politics and international relations, and linking them to the legislative school.

2 - Provide the scientific and practical environment and interactive and integrated, which supports the processes of teaching, learning, research, training and application by all members of the college community.

3 - Cover the development needs of the state in whole or in part through the provision of tires with high professional characteristics designed to meet the requirements of the labor market.

4 - Building the personality of the individual student knowledge and thought and creating a style of good example and arming him with creative professional skills (such as thinking, analysis, criticism, development and improvement of work and others)

5 - Provide the most modern means of theoretical and scientific education for students of the college through training programs and consultations.

6. Introduce outstanding graduate programs to allow outstanding students to complete their education at master and doctoral levels and organize scientific events to support study and scientific research.

7- To participate strongly with professional organizations and community institutions in supporting and disseminating the general legal culture and values ​​of justice. 8. Build strong and flexible links with community organizations and business sectors to meet the changing needs of the labor market and continuously develop school programs to meet them. -Organizational Structure.



Montada Montada


Periodical issued by the Department of professional competence of the law firm of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Rights and Freedoms Journal  Rights and Freedoms Journal
Rights and Freedoms Journal

Rights and Freedoms Journal

The Journal of Rights and Freedoms is a Bi-annual international scientific journal published by the Laboratory of Rights and Freedoms in Comparative Systems at the University of Biskra,Algeria twice during the month of October and the month of April
El-Mofaker-journal El-Mofaker-journal


Al-Mafakir is a semi-annual international scientific academic journal issued by the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Biskra
Jurisprudence-journal Jurisprudence-journal


The Jurisprudence review published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, Biskra -University, Algeria, The journal is a Bi-annual international journal, in two issues (September and March),
Naked-journal Naked-journal


Journal of International Journalism, published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, University of Biskra,  specialized in the field of political science and international relations in various branches of research such as comparative political systems, issues of democratic transformation, governance, development studies, thought studies Political

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