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Administration Officer

Mr: Zoubia Zahar



Cultural and sporting activities

The Service of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities:
The student's broad space is a link between the cognitive world and the teaching of cultural and social activities. It focuses on the talents of the university youth to give him a strong impetus and the opportunity to express his cultural and physical intellectual abilities and to carry out useful activities. It supports and helps in building a healthy and educated generation And straight behavior.

Cultural activities

·Conducting exhibitions related to historical events

· Conducting cultural competitions

· Establishment of the University Theater Club

· Encourage students' creativity (drawing, poetry, story, line, etc.)

· Creating a monthly wall magazine for student creations

· Conducting cultural exchanges in coordination with other universities (twinning - exploratory trips)

· Conducting poetry evenings


Scientific Activities

Contribution and participation in the school days organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Science

· Conduct scientific seminars and lectures

· Holding a book fair



Sports activities


Participation in university tournaments for all sports (national, regional, national)

· Preparing and organizing the college teams and preparing them

· Participation in the University Cup for all sports

· Participation in the Cup of the Republic

· Conducting sports courses and events for students of the college (in historical events)

· Participation in national courses organized at the level of national universities

· Participating in qualifying for the world championship in (rural enemy - chess - table tennis)

· Participation in the sports exhibition organized by the Directorate of Youth and Sports

· Encouraging students' talents and talents in the sports field

· Educating students about the importance of sport in the university through (Journal - lectures - courses ...)

· Working to strengthen the relationship between students and management at the university through sports, cultural and scientific activities

· Encouraging women to practice university sport

Montada Montada


Periodical issued by the Department of professional competence of the law firm of the Faculty of
Rights and Freedoms Journal  Rights and Freedoms Journal
Rights and Freedoms Journal

Rights and Freedoms Journal

The Journal of Rights and Freedoms is a Bi-annual international scientific journal published by the
El-Mofaker-journal El-Mofaker-journal


Al-Mafakir is a semi-annual international scientific academic journal issued by the Faculty of Law
Jurisprudence-journal Jurisprudence-journal


The Jurisprudence review published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement
Naked-journal Naked-journal


Journal of International Journalism, published by the Institute for the Influence of Jurisprudence

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