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Rules of publication in the Moufakir Journal

The Journal is a scientific journal that deals only with subjects related to political , rights and science

The submitted article must be original and has not been published in any way.

The articles are printed on paper in two copies and within 10 to 20 pages, accompanied by a CD-ROM in Microsoft Word format in standard formats and RTF.

The first paper contains the full title of the article, the name of the researcher and the scientific grade of the institution (department, college and university), phone and fax, e-mail address and abstracts of the subject within a word or eight lines, one in the language of the article and the other in one of the other two languages.

The Arabic scientific text is written in a type of Simlified Arabic 12, 18 points between the lines, the main title is Simplified Arabic 14 Gras, the sub-titles Simplified Arabic 12Gras, and the French or English is presented in Times New Roman font 12.

Page margins are as follows: Top 02, Bottom 02, Right 02, Left 02, Paper Head 1.5, Bottom Paper 1.25, Paper Size Custom x16). 23.5).

The marginalization and references in an academic way are listed in the last article in the following order: Author: title of the book or article, title of the Journal or forum, publisher, country, year, edition and page.

The articles submitted are subject to confidential scientific arbitration, and are not returned to their owners whether published or not published.

The articles published in this Journal reflect only the opinions of the authors.

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Journal of  Moufakir


Montada Montada


Periodical issued by the Department of professional competence of the law firm of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Rights and Freedoms Journal  Rights and Freedoms Journal
Rights and Freedoms Journal

Rights and Freedoms Journal

The Journal of Rights and Freedoms is a Bi-annual international scientific journal published by the Laboratory of Rights and Freedoms in Comparative Systems at the University of Biskra,Algeria twice during the month of October and the month of April
El-Mofaker-journal El-Mofaker-journal


Al-Mafakir is a semi-annual international scientific academic journal issued by the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Biskra
Jurisprudence-journal Jurisprudence-journal


The Jurisprudence review published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, Biskra -University, Algeria, The journal is a Bi-annual international journal, in two issues (September and March),
Naked-journal Naked-journal


Journal of International Journalism, published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, University of Biskra,  specialized in the field of political science and international relations in various branches of research such as comparative political systems, issues of democratic transformation, governance, development studies, thought studies Political

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