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licence-(L M D)

Specializations of the Division of Rights

private law

The special law is considered an important part of the law because of its branches, especially the Civil Code and the Family Law. The sections of this section deal with the special relations in all aspects, whether related to family building, mutual obligations between the spouses or the rights of the children or related to financial transactions between parties Civil or commercial, which interferes with the daily life of the individual and there is no doubt that these topics of importance, which requires study and depth, and justify the composition in this specialty, especially in light of the increasing volume of relations subject to private law and its breadth and the new problems that require specialization And deepen.

Public Law

The general law includes a number of important branches, especially administrative law, international law, and all branches of law that regulate the relations of which the state, state, municipality or a public administrative institution is a sovereign party. And deepen it, and justify the composition in this specialty.

Specializations in the Political Science Division

Political and administrative organization

The specialization is dominated by administrative and political aspects. The subjects studied are concerned with the study of the political and administrative systems and the official and informal rules that affect them at the level of the various countries. This specialization prepares for completion of the study in the specialization of local administration and governance at the master level.

International relations

This specialization is concerned with the study of subjects related to the interactions that take place at the level of the world, both intellectual and practical. It contains a number of articles related to international relations, in particular, international law, international relations theory, human rights, international conflicts, integration and integration.

Montada Montada


Periodical issued by the Department of professional competence of the law firm of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Rights and Freedoms Journal  Rights and Freedoms Journal
Rights and Freedoms Journal

Rights and Freedoms Journal

The Journal of Rights and Freedoms is a Bi-annual international scientific journal published by the Laboratory of Rights and Freedoms in Comparative Systems at the University of Biskra,Algeria twice during the month of October and the month of April
El-Mofaker-journal El-Mofaker-journal


Al-Mafakir is a semi-annual international scientific academic journal issued by the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Biskra
Jurisprudence-journal Jurisprudence-journal


The Jurisprudence review published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, Biskra -University, Algeria, The journal is a Bi-annual international journal, in two issues (September and March),
Naked-journal Naked-journal


Journal of International Journalism, published by the Laboratory “impact of the jurisprudence on the movement of legislation”, University of Biskra,  specialized in the field of political science and international relations in various branches of research such as comparative political systems, issues of democratic transformation, governance, development studies, thought studies Political

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