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  • Faculty Council
    Faculty Council

    up-dated: 04-2021

     Abderaouf Debabeche Dean of the Faculty-------- President

    Bari AbdeLatif, Deputy Dean for Post-Graduation ------------ Member

    Hassouna Abdelghani Deputy Dean for graduation  ---------- member

    Maazi Abderazak -------- Secretary General

     Achour NacerEddine  Head of Law Department ---------------- Member

     Gharib Bilal Head of Political Science---------------- Member

    Representative of student ---------------- Member


  • Scientific Council
    Scientific Council


    up-dated: 04-2021

    Houhou Ramzi

    President of the Scientific Council

    Tel/ :  033-50-12-25

    The first president of the scientific council, Dr. Mohamed Mehda, and after his transition to the Supreme Comrade, Dr. Farhati Omar assumed his presidency and was succeeded by Dr. Meftah Abdel Jalil and was succeeded by Mrs. houria.lecheheb to assume the position by Dr.houhou Ramzi to this day.

    The Scientific Council holds four regular sessions per year. ·

    First Session: At the beginning of the year (September or October)

    Second Session: Before the start of the winter break (December)

    Third Session: Before the start of the spring break (March)

    Fourth Session: Before the end of the academic year (June)

    The Council may hold extraordinary sessions on conditions, chaired by the President of the Scientific Council of the College in the presence of the members. The Chairman of the Scientific Council shall present the agenda in agreement with the Dean and the Heads of Departments.

    The regular and extraordinary sessions of the Board shall be held in the presence of at least 2/3 members. In the absence of such quorum, the Council shall hold a second meeting within eight days of any number.

    The work of the Council shall be recorded in a special register, site and index. Discussions within the Council shall be considered confidential and members shall be bound by the confidentiality of discussions and meetings



    Members of the Scientific Council

    President of the Scientific Council of the Faculty, represented by professors Houhou ramzi
    Dean of the Faculty ----- Debabeche Abderaouf
    Deputy Dean in charge of post-gradation, scientific research and external relations Bari AbdeLatif
    Deputy Dean charged with studies and issues related to students Hassouna Abdel Ghani
    Head of Political Science Department  Gharib Bilal
    Head of Law Department   Achour Necereddine
    Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Rights  Mustiri Adel

    Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Political Science Kerboussa Oumrani
    Representative of Professors with Distinction from the Department of Law  Dhamnia Ali
    Representative of Professors with Distinction from the Department of Political Science  Fouzi Noureddine
    Representative of Professors with Distinction from the Department of Political Science  Madouni Ali
    A representative of the assistant professors Laacel Noureddine
    A representative of assistant professors  Daadouaa Abdelmounaime
    Director of Research Laboratory Benmechri Abdel Halim
    Director of research laboratory Azri Zine
    Library official Tayeb Massoudi

  • Disciplinary Council

    Disciplinary Council

    up-dated: 04-2021

    Permanent Professors:For a monstrosity

    Lachehabe Houria
    Benissa Lazhar
    Dhamnia Ali
    Laouar Radhia
    Hassouna Abdel Ghani

    • Additional professors:Akouni Mohammed
      Akouni Mohammed
      Mestari Adel
      Bahi Samir
      Aknouche Nour assabah
    • For student representatives:
    • Student: Bouzaher Zakaria

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