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Cultural and sporting activities

The Service of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities:
The student's broad space is a link between the cognitive world and the teaching of cultural and social activities. It focuses on the talents of the university youth to give him a strong impetus and the opportunity to express his cultural and physical intellectual abilities and to carry out useful activities. It supports and helps in building a healthy and educated generation And straight behavior.

Cultural activities

·Conducting exhibitions related to historical events

· Conducting cultural competitions

· Establishment of the University Theater Club

· Encourage students' creativity (drawing, poetry, story, line, etc.)

· Creating a monthly wall magazine for student creations

· Conducting cultural exchanges in coordination with other universities (twinning - exploratory trips)

· Conducting poetry evenings


Scientific Activities

Contribution and participation in the school days organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Science

· Conduct scientific seminars and lectures

· Holding a book fair



Sports activities


Participation in university tournaments for all sports (national, regional, national)

· Preparing and organizing the college teams and preparing them

· Participation in the University Cup for all sports

· Participation in the Cup of the Republic

· Conducting sports courses and events for students of the college (in historical events)

· Participation in national courses organized at the level of national universities

· Participating in qualifying for the world championship in (rural enemy - chess - table tennis)

· Participation in the sports exhibition organized by the Directorate of Youth and Sports

· Encouraging students' talents and talents in the sports field

· Educating students about the importance of sport in the university through (Journal - lectures - courses ...)

· Working to strengthen the relationship between students and management at the university through sports, cultural and scientific activities

· Encouraging women to practice university sport

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