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1- License in Law (LMD system)

A- Bachelor of Laws, Department of Public Law:

B- Bachelor of Laws, private law section:

2- Masters in

A - Law, Public Law Division: - Specialization: Administrative Law - Specialization in Public International Law

B- Law, Private Law Division: - Specialized in Family Law. Business law specialization.

3- Degree in political science (LMD system):

Specialization in political and administrative organization.
Specialization in international relations

4- Master in Political Science and International Relations:
Specialization in International Relations.
Specialization in public policy

5-  Certificate of Professional Competence in Advocacy

6- A doctorate in law

7- Doctorate in Political Science.

8- A doctorate in law.

9- Certificate of university qualification in law.

10 - Certificate of University Qualification in Political Science and International Relations

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