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Specializations of the Division of Rights

Business Law

The course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of business law through the study of commercial law, commercial companies, banking law (regulation of banking and banking), investment law, commercial arbitration, banking law study. Financial corruption in terms of the reasons leading to it and ways of combating it

The specialization also deals with new legislation related to the new business environment through studying the issues related to electronic commerce and electronic banking operations. It aims to find new ways to combat modern financial crimes

Administrative Law

The specialization deals with the study of the laws regulating the administration at the central and local level, its activity and its mutual relations, in addition to the administrative control, as well as studying the mechanisms of litigation and its procedures and the problems presented in this regard.

International Law

He is interested in studying international law and international relations with a focus on issues related to international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

Family law

This specialization aims to enable the student to become familiar with the issues of personal status and to deepen them in view of their importance on the one hand, and on the other, the size of problems related to marriage, divorce, descent, inheritance, gift and endowment,

Personal Status An in-depth analytical study, whether in family law, civil law or civil status law
Marriage and marriage, divorce and its causes, descent, waqf funds, nationality
Studying the personal status of non-Muslims in Algeria and Algerians abroad

Specializations in the Political Science Division

Management and local governance

The content of the specialization in this specialization focuses on how to increase and increase efficiency and efficiency in the performance of local administration at the municipal and state level in order to achieve the required improvement and quality of the public service through a range of materials such as administrative development, governance, local administration, development HR..

International strategy and relations

The content of the specialization in this specialization includes a deep understanding of what the student has studied in the bachelor's degree in studying the current state of theorization in international relations, issues of contemporary world politics, strategy, international security and others.

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