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  • scientific committee-SP

    scientific committee for the academic year 2018/2019-Department of Political Science


    - Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Department Fawzi Noordin
    - Head of Section Ashour Abdel Karim

    - Barry Abdel Latif

    - Mustafa Asaid
    - Siham Hourouri
    - Ilhem Naitsaidi
    - Bilal Grib

  • Scientific Committee - Department of Law

    Scientific Committee - Department of Law - 2017 - 2018

    Prof. Azzedine KIHAL: President

    Dr.. Nacereddine Achour: Rapporteur

    Prof.Hacina Cherroun: Member

    Prof. Abdelhalim Benmecheri: Member

    Prof. Abdeldjallil Meftah: Member

    Dr.. Abdelali Haha: Member

    Dr.. Faycal Nessigha: a member

    a. Mohamed Lemaini: a member

    a. Salah Segueni: Member


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