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Internal loan officer

Abbas Nadjat

Mr. Governor of the Library

Tayeb Messaoudi

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The adventure of the book begins since it was an idea in the mind of its author and ends with the entry of the library. Here is a series of operations, all of which aim to make it accessible to the pioneers in the most efficient and easy way.
Library definition:
The Library is the main resource for the College. It supports courses and books in a direct and effective manner, and provides access to research and scientific messages that are not available elsewhere.
Library Services:

The library stores and transmits information and ideas from one generation to the next, thus contributing to the scientific progress through the availability of their requirements and answer their questions and borrow what they need through the loan system and the library provides reference services and information services.


Library System

Part I: Utilization of office services

Every reader must show the library card at entry and put it on the table during the reading and must be presented when requested by the security agents.

Article 1: The use of library services shall be the right of all students and professors belonging to the University.

Article 2 The registration process shall be carried out at the library of the faculty at the beginning of each academic year. The administration of the library shall determine the beginning and end times of the library.

Article 3: The number of books allowed for external borrowing shall be limited to three books for the student and five (5) books for the professor.

Article 4: The period of secondment shall not exceed 15 days for students and months for professors. The violation shall expose the concerned to a penalty that may reach the final deprivation of library services.

Article 5: The borrower has the right to extend the secondment period in case the borrowed material exists sufficiently in the library, otherwise the library has the right to reject the extension.
Article 6: The person who bears the full responsibility for the loan shall bear full responsibility for the borrowed item, and in the event of its destruction or loss, it shall pay it five times its price.
Article 7: The loan is suspended during the summer vacation and every reader with a book must return it to the library.
Article 8: The Library of the College shall receive the certificate of acquittal to all students enrolled in the library and non-registered and the teachers, provided that they have returned all documents borrowed from the library.

Article 9: The library shall put in the hands of its readers an information system to facilitate the search for the references available in the library, and the reader wishing to borrow a document can get to know by using one of the following options:

Search by rating number.
Search by book title.
Search by author.
Search by Publishing.

The contents of the library are owned by all, and the library is always ready to facilitate the task for all readers. Therefore, respect for its rules of procedure responds to its continuous quest for the success of its readers. On this balance and use it rationally

Part II: The internal loan system

Article 1: Any registered reader may borrow a book or other document for internal reading (in the reading room only) by presenting a student card or a professional card for the professor.

Article 2: Books not subject to the internal loan system shall be subject to:

Documents for which the library has only one copy
The last copy of any document.

The Library of the College belongs to all, and it is always ready to facilitate the task for all readers, so respect for its rules of procedure responds to its relentless pursuit of the success of its readers. As the content of the library must increase, the reader is called upon to maintain, maintain and use this balance in a rational manner.

Part III: Rules of Procedure for Reading Rooms

Article 1: The reading room is a place of work and thinking, in addition to respect for the rules of cleanliness and security, the reader must refrain from:

Violation of total calm
Smoking and eating
Sit on the tables
Writing on tables
Reliance on the book
Fold the corners of the pages
Writing on the pages of the book or taking notes on it or carbon transportation
Turn on the mobile phone.

Article 2: Any disturbance in the room leads to alerting the reader to the need to alert the reader to the need for discipline and respect for others, and if repeated act is called to leave the library, and in the case of persistence is forwarded to the disciplinary board of the section.

Bank loan program

Morning time :      From 8:30 to 10:30

Evening:               From 13:30 to 15:00

Morning time :   10:30 to 11:45

Evening:                       From 15:00 to 16:00

Internal Reading Room Program

Of students

Morning time:            From 08:30 to 11:30

Internal work:           From 11:30 to 12:00

Evening:                    From 13:30 to 16:00



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